Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Peyton Prepares for his Date on WIp It Up Wednesday #Wipitup

Scene set - Billionaire Peyton Lang works out the stress to prep for his date with the princess.

He glanced at his watch. Five hours to think of some brilliant way to get out of this date. He loved Princess, but tonight's date was going to be mind-numbing.
He texted back. I'll be there. Wouldn't want to miss this for anything.
He dropped his cell onto the report and pressed the call button for his personal executive assistant.
"Yes, Mr. Lang?"
"Is Brent in the Fitness Club?"
"Yes, sir. Shall I call him and tell him you'll be down?"
"Yes, if you'd be so kind. I'll be there in… five… ten minutes. Oh, and call Adele. I'll need the limo this evening." He released the call button, lifted his glass, swallowed the remainder of his scotch, and shuddered as it worked its way through his throat to his stomach. Brent was his personal trainer. There were many days when he hated him for the tough workouts, but he knew he needed to train to deal with his waistline, which kept trying to expand, and the stresses of his job.
He stacked the report papers and stuffed them into his brief case, tucked his cellphone into his inner suit jacket pocket, and crossed the room to his private men's room. He opened the closet and grabbed his gym bag. Okay. Let's go pound the punching bag, run a few miles, and shake this bitchy mood. Don't want to make Princess grumpy by being in a bad mood. That pouty lip of hers is terrifying.
Taking his personal elevator to the main level, Peyton strolled through the cavernous lobby, nodding to the people who greeted him.
"Good afternoon, Mr. Lang."
"Nice day, Mr. Lang."
"Going to workout, Mr. Lang?"
Good one, Captain Obvious.
He stopped at the front security desk. "Good afternoon, Booker. How are the wife and kids?"
The rotund security guard nodded. "Good afternoon, Mr. Lang. Everyone is fine. The little one is over the flu. She'll be sending you a thank you letter for the stuffed bear."
Peyton shrugged. "No need to. Getting the flu is miserable."
The guard laughed. "The Mrs. says she gotta send the letter to learn her manners proper."
"I'm going out this evening." Peyton grinned. "A date with Princess."
"Do you need me to text you and say the building is on fire and we need you here ASAP?"
"Brilliant, but no. I must see this one through. I bailed on the last date." Peyton shifted his gym bag to his other shoulder. "If I'm later than I plan, I'll send Adele to get my briefcase."
"Yes, sir. I'll keep an eye out for her. You have a good time this evening. The ballet?"
Nodding, Peyton rubbed between his eyes. "The tortures we men must endure." He could still hear the guard's laughter as he pulled open the door to the gym.

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