Saturday, 29 August 2015

From FL.E.S.H. - "Why do you still have clothes on?" #MySexySaturday #Saturday7 #MSS107

Sexy is...getting ready to do the wild thing.

From my erotic contemporary billionaire story - FL.E.S.H.

Peyton's tongue slipped between Flame's teeth. She flicked the tip of hers across the bottom of his. He groaned. She responded. Their tongues wound around each other like tangled spaghetti. Moans escaped her throat. Her nipples pressed against his t-shirt, begging to be suckled.
She broke off their kiss with a gasp. "Question?"
"What?" His voice was equally breathless.
"Why do you still have clothes on?"
He leaned back onto his knees. "I was asking myself exactly that." He pushed off the bed, tugging at his shirt. Flame grabbed the covers and tossed them to the end of the bed. When she turned, Pete stood naked, cock proudly erect. Walking on her knees to the side of the bed, Flame bent forward. The tip of his cock grazed under her chin. A dusting of dark hair circled his belly button. She poked her tongue in and out.
"Mmm. Promises of things to come." He ran his fingers through her hair.
"I'm hoping emphasis on the word, come."

FL. E. S. H.
FLame's Electrifying Sexy Heat
When secrets conflict with dreams, love explodes.

After a mistake by a surgeon’s scalpel shattered Fuchsia Quinn's dance career, she picked up the pieces of her life and moved forward. As the owner of a small, struggling dance school in a depressed neighborhood she supplements her income with a late night job at a dive bar. Haunted by the fear of humiliation, if her secret is revealed, her life was under control until the night he walked into the bar.

Peyton Lang, having run from a bad neighborhood, lives the lifestyle of a successful billionaire. Frustrated that his current multi-million dollar project is stalled, Peyton drops in to LEATHER-ICIOUS for a simple drink and late night entertainment. What he saw was a beautiful redhead. What he found was he wanted her.

After a lusty night with a hot pole dancer, Peyton and Fuchsia's worlds are about to collide.

What people are saying about FLESH
5 Star ***** This short story has all the qualities of a great story and it is all compacted in a manner that makes for a satisfying read. Ms. Devore has convinced me that I need to read more of her books, especially if they are written like this one was. One has the initial attraction between two people, their getting to know each other, the misunderstanding and the makeup between them...what more could one want???? Worth the read.

5 Star ***** Ms. Devore has done it again. As one of my favorite, and most anticipated authors, I found myself riveted to the characters and the surprising plot twist that threw me for a loop. I read all her books...what can I say.

5 Star ***** I had never read any of Daryl Devore's books and man, am I glad I read this one! Peyton is the guy we all want and Fuchsia is a girl who is not giving up on her dreams. When the two collide, everything is turned upside down and the result is hot, but also laugh out loud funny. I will definitely have to read more of Devore's books!

5 Star ***** This is the first book I have had the privilege of reading by Daryl Devote (Devore). I'm hooked!! Peyton and Fuchsia's story was full of heat and love. Their playful banter had me laughing out loud. I would definitely recommend this book to my family and friends.

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