Sunday, 17 February 2013

A Kept Woman is Sneak Peeking on Sunday

Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday

From A Kept Woman -

Traffic was a beast. Snow had fallen all day. The roads were slippery and regular people were anxious to get home. Not Derek. He headed to Charlie’s, a topless bar on the corner of ‘don’t know’ and ‘don’t care.’
Opening the door, he stepped out of the mid-November chill into his alter ego world. Charlie’s wasn’t a special bar, just a nondescript drinking joint - dark, hazy and full of people wanting to get drunk. But he loved it. Here he was Derek, not Mr. Davenport. He sat on the stool next to his three drinking buddies. “Yo, low life and scum-beings.” They waved their beers. “Barkeep, whatever they’re drinking I’ll have two of. I’m behind here and gotta get caught up.” He grabbed a handful of peanuts.
“Thought you had a date tonight,” said Steve, married with three kids. He spent many nights hiding out in the bar spending his pay check on beer and false conversations.
“Women are such pains.” Derek tossed some money on the bar and took a gulp of beer.
“Bulletin,” recently divorced Linc, shouted to the few patrons in the bar. “Derek’s broken up with his woman of the month.”
A buxom waitress wiggled her way past and pressed her ample, naked breasts up against Derek’s back. His groin sent him an, Easy fuck alert.